5 Reasons Your Garage Door may not Open or Close

Here at Concept Doors Systems Inc, we are always readily available to help you with any and all garage door needs. However, sometimes the problem can be easily solved with an understanding of some of the key components to the garage door system. Here are five reasons why your garage door may not be working.


Check to make sure your transmitter has batteries, or see if the existing ones need replacing. This is a very simple, yet common cause as to why your garage door may not be opening or closing. This should be one of the first things you inspect if, when you push the transmitter button, the door does not react.

If your garage door is opening and closing arbitrarily, then this may be a problem also related to the transmitter. Ensure that you have placed your transmitter away from anything that could inadvertently press the button.


Opposite to your transmitter being out of sorts, the garage door receiver may be at fault for the door not working properly. Study your operator’s manual to understand how to set the open and close limits on your garage door. If set too high, the garage door will go all the way down, but then reverse to open again. This is due to the receiver thinking the ground is actually an object obstructing its path, and it reverses for safety.

Photo Eye

Two photo eyes, on either side of the garage door, are connected together via an invisible beam. If this beam is obstructed in any way, then the door will not close. Examine the photo eye lenses to ensure they are free of dirt and debris. The photo eyes must also be aligned perfectly in order to connect. Measure each eye, and make sure they are the same height from the ground.


The metal tracking which guides the garage door open and close plays a pivotal role in safely operating the door. It’s important to confirm that the rollers are running smoothly along the rails. Any bends in the track should be serviced by a technician.

Reversing Mechanism

If your garage door only closes part way before reversing upwards, then the problem is most likely with the reversing mechanism. Make sure there isn’t anything under the closing path of the garage door, that when hit, is triggering the reversing mechanism.

Because of the reversing mechanisms crucial role in the overall safety of your garage door, you should frequently ensure that it is in full working order. Place a solid object in the middle of the ground where your garage door closes; if the door does not reverse upon hitting the object, call a service technician to have the mechanism repaired.

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