Broken Torsion Spring

If you are having a problem with your garage door not opening, the number one reason we hear at Concept Doors Systems Inc as the culprit, is a broken torsion spring. Below is a brief overview of what exactly a torsion spring is, what it does, and what to do if yours is in need of repair.

Torsion springs are made up of a few components, and can be found roughly 1ft above the closed door. On one end, a stationary cone secures the spring to a spring anchor bracket. The other end of the spring has a winding cone, responsible for creating torque. The torque is then applied to the shaft, which then transfers the energy to the cable drum. The cable drum then pulls the cable, and the garage door is lifted upward.

These cables hold the weight of the garage door. If working properly, the garage door should not feel nearly as heavy as its true weight. With the help of the torsion spring, you should be able to manually open and close your garage door. The torsion spring also provides relief to a garage door opener.

Over time the springs can start to weaken, and the torsion spring will become less effective as the garage door becomes too heavy for it to hold. Cold weather and rust can also have an effect on the torsion spring. However, a good torsion spring can last anywhere from 5 -7 years before needing replacement.

Since the torsion spring system plays such a principal role in bearing most of the garage door weight, it is also a significant factor in safety. A strong grasp of the mechanical system involved needs to be understood in order to repair a broken torsion spring. If you notice anything wrong with your system, call to have your garage door serviced before attempting to lift, or fix the torsion spring on your own.

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