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Sectional Overhead Doors

Richards-Wilcox Thermatite T150, T175, T175-20, multi-ribbed

Door sections are fabricated using hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminum sheets with a rigid polyurethane insulation core formed by way of a continuous process as it rolls out with the sheet steel. The high strength of the door is achieved because of the chemical bonding process.

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Richards-Wilcox Alumatite Aluminum A150, A175, A150T, A175T, P175

An attractive glazed door ideal for storefronts and in areas where natural light is important. Built using extruded aluminum alloy it is strong enough to handle high traffic situations.

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Rolling Steel Doors, Grilles and Shutters

Wayne-Dalton 900, 800, 700 Series Service Door

With a long history of excellence Wayne-Dalton doors offer greater strength and durability where a high level of security is necessary. Insulated or non-insulated the door can be selected for fire rated applications.

Wayne-Dalton Rolling Grille

Ideal for retail space and office areas rolling grilles provide security combined with visibility and ventilation. Many options are available to meet your unique application.

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Wayne-Dalton Specialty Shutters

Whether it is an interior or exterior application these shutters are rugged enough to provide maximum security and safety.    

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Aluminum Sliding Grilles

Dagendor Aluminum Sliding Grilles

Pic # 1-Dagendor Sliding S-126
Pic # 2-Dagendor Sliding Selectra
Pic # 3-Dagendor Sliding Protek
Pic # 4-Dagendor Sliding Classik
Pic # 5-Dagendor Sliding Opak
Pic # 6-Dagendor Sliding Supra
Pic # 8-Dagendor Sliding Visionair

Dagendor aluminum sliding grilles on interior storefront windows, mall retail spaces, office areas and reception counters are an economical solution for low to high security applications. Easy to operate and conceal away in a closet, sliding grilles can accommodate your space whether it is for new construction or retrofit work. 

Talius Aluminum Roll Shutters

Retail and commercial customers who require additional security for their exterior windows and doors can entrust Talius roll shutters to do the job, providing piece of mind when you go home at the end of the day.

Loading Dock Equipment

Pentalift Mechanical & Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Pict # 1-Pentalift Mech DL Website
Pict # 2-Pentalift Hyd DL Website

Complete Pentalift Loading Dock system improves both safety and efficiency at a loading dock area. Dock Levelers are available in rated capacities ranging from 20,000 lb to 160,000 lb. depending if mechanical, hydraulic and edge of dock models are selected. Manufactured as pour-in-place or preformed pit style, each unit can be built with a number of features to suit your loading dock specifications.

Pentalift Vehicle Restraints

Pict # 3-Pentalift Hyd EOD Website
Pict #4-standalone HFr32 cw layers for features
Pict # 5-Pentalift LPR35 Restraint Website
Pict # 6-Pentalift UHR40 Website

All models of Pentalift vehicle restraint increases loading dock safety during loading/off loading operations. Many parameters must be evaluated in order to select the right restraint.   

Pentalift Dock Seals and Shelters

# 7-Dock Seals Reducing heat loss when loading/off loading operations can be accomplished by sealing the perimeter of a truck trailer with a dock seal or shelter permanently attached to the perimeter of the wall opening. Selection will vary with application.



Pentalift Elevating Docks

# 8-Pentalift HED Website
# 9-LPE Scissor Lift

Hydraulically operated scissor lifts of various sizes and capacities are available for special situations were dock levelers will not work. 

Pentalift Specialty Products

# 10-Lift TablesA variety of products are available to improve conditions during loading/off loading operations from dock bumpers and wheel chalks to lights and built-in communication devices.

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Automated Gates

Aluminum Swing and Sliding Gates

Whether you select a standard or a custom style gate planning, designing and selecting your equipment are critical decisions to make before prepping your gate layout. Always consult with a professional company before you embark on installing a gate. We are here to help you make the right decision so let us guide you in the right direction.

Operators and Controls

Doorlec Commercial Jackshaft/Drawbar Operators

Drive shaft driven doors such as sectional overhead and rolling steel doors normally utilize chain/belt driven electric operators in various horsepower ratings and voltages. Model selection will vary depending on size, application and duty cycle.

LiftMaster Hercules High cycle Apartment Door Operators

Sectional overhead doors and aluminum grilles work reliably with a trolley operator designed specifically for high cycle underground parkade applications. Recognized as a premium operator in the market place, the Hercules will effectively reduce the number of service calls made to repair worn out parts, saving money in the long run. 

FAAC Swing and Sliding Gate Operators

FAAC hydraulic operator’s unsurpassed quality, durability and reliability make it perfect for the commercial market. 


Control systems provided by reputable companies such as Liftmaster, Doorlec, FAAC, Doorking and MillerEdge are relied upon for their superior performance and reliability.