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Loading Dock Equipment

Pentalift Mechanical & Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Complete Pentalift Loading Dock system improves both safety and efficiency at a loading dock area. Dock Levelers are available in rated capacities ranging from 20,000 lb to 160,000 lb, depending if mechanical, hydraulic or edge of dock models are selected. Manufactured as pour-in-place or preformed pit style, each unit can be built with a number of features to suit your loading dock specifications.

Dock Leveler Brochure


Pentalift Vehicle Restraints

The loading dock is the busiest and most dangerous areas in your facility and all measures must be contemplated to prevent serious accidents. All models of Pentalift vehicle restraint increases loading dock safety during loading/off loading operations. Many parameters must be evaluated in order to select the right restraint.   

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Pentalift Dock Seals and Shelters

Reducing heat loss and improving working conditions when loading/off loading can be accomplished, by sealing the perimeter of a truck trailer with a dock seal or shelter permanently attached to the perimeter of the wall opening. Your return on investment can be attained in a matter of months. Selection will vary with each application.

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Pentalift Elevating Docks

Hydraulically operated scissor lifts of various sizes and capacities are available for special situations were dock levelers are not feasible. Rather than reconstructing your entire dock area an elevating dock can provide a safe and economical alternative.

Elevating Dock Brochure


Pentalift Specialty Products

A variety of products are available to improve conditions during loading/off loading operations from dock bumpers and wheel chalks to lights and built-in communication devices. Becoming more ergonomic within your facility, we have lift tables to improve safety and efficiency.